My Auto Auto Career Report by IA Path

A Powerful Estimating Career Assessment

Get a Custom Plan to Get Work Writing Auto Damage Estimates.

You need a plan to get work writing auto damage estimates. Take the 10-minute assessment, and you’ll get a FREE, customized plan that will walk you through  exactly what you should do.

Your auto estimating career is like a finely-tuned vehicle.

When you understand the key components needed to get work, you steer in a direction that your career can thrive.

Career Path

There are different roles in the auto estimating industry. Discover which is right for you.


Learn what you should do next so you can get working fast writing auto damage estimates.


You'll get more opportunities when you know how to actually do the job.


You'll need to be proficient in an estimating software. Learn which one & how you can learn.


Connect with people so you can unlock new opportunities in our industry.

Get Hired

You'll get more opportunities faster when you ace your resume and interviews.

Your report will show you which career option is best for you and, and give you a customized plan to get work.

How the report works

1. Complete the short assessment

The assessment will take you 10 minutes to complete and is designed to give you a detailed diagnosis of your estimating career.

Take the free assessment

2. Get your report

You’ll receive a career path suggestion and advice on what to do next.

Take the free assessment

3. Advance your career

Along with your personalized career path report, you’ll gain a strategic action plan detailing the immediate steps you can take to propel your auto damage estimating career forward and enhance your marketability.

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You Are Unique. To Get Work You Need a Customized Plan.

If you’re trying to break into a career writing auto damage estimates, you’ll likely need a plan. Many of us that have gotten into this industry had to go and figure it out on our own.

Sometimes, of course, this works, and we find success, but even when we succeed, we often look back and realize we took the long road to success.

This report will help you not make those mistakes.

Tens of thousands of people aspire to get work in the auto damage industry each year as independent adjusters, appraiser, and body shop estimators.

How do they get work? What steps did they have to take? What lessons did they learn?

At IA Path, we’ve taken the best practices and proven steps to get work in this industry and turned it into frameworks and playbooks. If you follow the roadmap we lay out (for your career path), you will avoid most of the pitfalls and tragedies that happen to most new aspiring, auto estimating professionals.

Can getting started in a new career really be as simple as a roadmap?

Yes, it really can be. In fact, if you are even aware of the steps you are already more prepared to get work than those that are mechanics or gear heads, but are guessing at what to do in their career.


“My Auto Estimating Career Report” will do three things for you:

  • It will show you the career path that is best fit for you and your situation
  • Give you a comprehensive list of steps to take to get work in that path
  • Reveal where you are at in the journey and what step to take next

You can use this custom report as a career plan allowing you to get work faster than you ever thought possible